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The Urban Living OKC team at Verbode started in 2009 out of a desire to connect people to communities. Sure, we love everything about houses (the architecture, the ways they function and perform, and their unique designs and spaces). But, the heart of what we do is listen to people’s stories, their dreams, their goals, and their lifestyles. We use the insights we’ve gained from many years of studying the urban core real estate market to match lifestyles with communities, neighborhoods, and eventually homes. In doing so, we have had the privilege of participating in the unprecedented renaissance of Oklahoma City.

Our Team

Gary Caplinger: About

Gary Caplinger
Founder, Broker Associate, & Realtor® GREEN

Gary has spent the last 14 years fully invested in the Oklahoma City real estate market, daily committing himself to understanding the unique and ever-changing dynamics of the urban and historic housing market. He is meticulous about every detail of the process (systems, negotiations, contracts, inspections, etc). One of the founding members of the Verbode firm, he and his clients have experienced firsthand the power of collaboration and the strength of the Verbode brand in the OKC Metro Area market.

It is the relationships, both new and long-term, that drive him to be the best resource, advisor, and connector of people he can possibly be. Gary's passion for real estate and his clients, his unique qualifications which include more than a decade of training and practice in the engineering field, his incredible Verbode team, and his vast network from every demographic make him one of most sought after real estate advisers in his market. In the rare moments when he’s not interacting with clients, negotiating deals, and planning new strategies for marketing client’s properties, you can find Gary at the park or riding bikes with his wife and teenage kiddos, watching independent and documentary films, scheming about urban life and making our city more walkable, bikeable, and people-friendly with groups like the Urban Land Institute, or collaborating with change-makers like Let’s Fix This, helping everyday Oklahomans get connected to the local, political process.

Kathryn Caplinger: About

Kathryn Caplinger

Kathryn has a love of historic homes and mid-century design. Former teacher turned house enthusiast, Kathryn is passionate about living in OKC with her husband Gary and two teenage children. As the client care specialist, she enjoys learning about each client and following up with them. She enjoys sushi date nights, movies with the family, coffee and more coffee.

Hillary King: About

Hillary King

Hillary is a native Oklahoman, and after graduating from college, she decided to pursue a career in real estate because of her love for design and architecture. When she isn't perusing historic neighborhoods, you might find her collecting antiques, in the yoga studio, or at any given ice cream shop.



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